How do I place an order?

It’s actually very easy; you simply need to click on the ‘order now’ link on the home page or any other page where the link appears. Provide the company with the order details plus your contact details. Once that is done you will be directed on how to submit payment for the order and you will be done. You can also follow this link to the order page.

How do I check on the progress of a paper I ordered?

The company facilitates direct communication with your writer. You can reach the writer via chat or by making use of our messaging system. It is also possible to check on the progress of the work by logging into your personal profile on our site. Emailing or calling the support team are also avenues that you can explore to get the desired update.

Can I be able to make any changes to an order I have already placed?

The aim of our writing service is to ensure that we write for you a paper that meets all the requirements stated by the tutor. In this regard, you are free to send in any modifications that your professor might have made to the paper as long as it is not too late to do so and the new instructions are not in sharp contrast to the original ones.

How will the final document be sent to me?

You can specify the email to which you would like the paper sent. However, all completed orders can be downloaded from your personal account on our site as soon as they are done.

How can I be sure that the writer working on my paper is qualified enough to do it?

Our company employs writers who have diverse qualifications and experience. It is also the policy of the company that any writer willing to join our team must hold at least a masters degree in their area of specialization. This has made it possible for us to have a good number of writers, researchers and editors with varying qualifications and interests in writing. Your orders will thus be assigned to the writer whom the company believes has the potential to deliver a good paper based on their qualifications and track record.

Do you have writers who work on specialized assignments?

Yes, the diversity of talent and qualifications in our writing team makes it possible for us to handle just about any order. If your paper requires special attention because of a shorter than usual deadline, unique content or specific citation arrangements can be made to have it handled by a writer whom the company believes has the capacity to do it.

How can I be sure that I will get my paper on time?

We appreciate the need for you to hand in your papers on time and therefore our writers are under strict supervision to ensure that they complete all papers assigned to them on time. In order to make this process a success we always advise that you upload all the instructions and files necessary to write the paper on time so as to make the writing process as smooth as possible and avert unnecessary delays.

What about plagiarism?

The company does not condone plagiarism in the least. All completed papers are checked using an up-to- date anti-plagiarism software to ensure that it has no traces of it. Writers are also under strict instructions to avoid plagiarism at all costs or risk being summarily dismissed when found plagiarizing papers.

Can I be able to ask for a revision when I am unhappy with the paper?

Our writers give the paper their best because we value all our customers. However, if it happens that something was left out of the paper or you feel the requirements were not followed well, you are free to request for revision. The number of revisions you can ask for is unlimited, as long as your requirements are eventually met. However, the company requires you to obey the terms and conditions of work by not asking for revisions that do not correspond to the initial instructions.

How does the company ensure that my credit card information is secure?

Your sensitive payment details are transmitted via a secure system capable of locking out third party interference. No part of it is shared nor transmitted to any third party whatsoever.

Do you offer discounts to customers?

Yes, we run varied discount programs on our site every now and then. Different customers also qualify for different discounts programs depending on how long they have been working with us or the volume of work they order. All first time customers are however entitled to a discount. Ensure that you check the site for the discount program that might be running when placing your order and take advantage of it.

What is your refund policy?

Hardly do we get requests for refund because our writers do their best and are also willing to revise the paper countless number of times until it meets your standards. But if it so happens that you are still not happy with the work, you can request for a refund not later than three days from the date when the order was completed.